If you are planning to go to Australia or Newzealand, whether it be immigrate, for business or studies, you need to have the correct visa. Whilst some types of visa can be relatively simple to gain, attempting to gain the grant of other types can be a complex, time-consuming, frustrating and fruitless experience. Knowing whether you have the essential requirements for gaining the grant of a visa, the requirements and how to present them are all fundamental to lodging a successful case. If you have the essential criteria, we'll get you through the minefield to those green fields beyond!
A great track record
Offices in Lahore and Melbourne
Our office in Melbourne can monitor and assit in expediting processing, facilitate payments of fees and assist aspects of your settlement including employment assistance, accomodation and investment
We asses whether you have the essential elements of successful migration application and will only offer to represent you when we are satisfied that you should have a successful case

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